2 timothy 1:7

"Once you become fearless,
life becomes limitless."

SAMMY COSA // I am 33 years old & have an endless love for Jesus, my family, simplicity, music, the ocean, a healthy lifestyle & holistic freedom. On any given day you’ll find our family of five enjoying all three meals together, dancing, laughing, learning & growing together with sand in our toes. We devote our time & energy to our three amazing children, to each other, and to live a life we are truly passionate about. While many wake up to the sound of an alarm clock, we have chosen to wake up to the sound of a calling. Helping people never gets old.

// I am 28 years old and love my family, the ocean, fall, music, the wind, and capturing moments that will live on forever. I enjoy the adventure of homeschooling and nature journaling. I lay my head down on my pillow every single night knowing I gave 100% to live the most fulfilling life I only thought could be a dream, but in fact is my reality. I married my best friend and I’m thankful beyond words to be alongside my husband living out all of our God-given dreams and impacting countless families in the process.


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